Friday, August 14, 2020



                                    Paulo Murillo at WEHO TIMES

                                                       Paulo Murillo at WEHO TIMES

Thank you Rachel!


Saturday, August 1, 2020


  1. You left us way too soon, Girl!

Died 2012

Monday, July 6, 2020


Unfortunately, since A&U magazine had to 
remove* my feature on Jerry Torre
"The Marble Faun" --  the kid from 
the iconic documentary Grey Gardens
I will reprint here.

(A&U, August 2018)

*due to some crazy misunderstanding
between Jerry's photographer and A&U,
currently there are legal issues pending
pressed by the photographer, hence
Jerry's headshot is whited-out 
in the reprinted article below.

The whole legal thing seems a bit silly 
and immature in my opinion!

If you haven't seen the documentary, 
stage musical, or film...
DON'T ...MISS... IT!

Jerry is simply a delight!



Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Life makes no sense . . . . so . . . 
as a human being
we need to give it sense!

Whatever it is that gets you thru this life
-- DO IT.  
(As long as you don't hurt 
yourself or others.)

Believe in a god, Buddha, Alla, whomever.

I like to believe in myself and tap into 
the power that I possess. I like to create
positive energy within myself, and to attract
other like-minded individuals.

I also like to approach life from a 
rational realistic mind.  
(Theories:  Rational Emotive Therapy, Reality Therapy, Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and so on) 

Yes, we do create our own reality, but I hope my reality includes morals and values that serve myself 
and others.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


There are many annoying things
in the gay community.

One of them is the persistent question:

I am extremely tired of that phrase!
I don't fucking care.

I like sex to just flow.  Why is being a top or bottom 

It's degrading, useless, nonsensical, labeling, 
righteous, humiliating, and shitty


There was a 1950s show hosted by Art Linkletter called:


People are. 
There's no words to describe the craziness of human behavior. 
No words fit.

I am confounded nearly every day
just how NUTS people really are.

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Most people CRINGE when you say the word "Boss."  

-- Why? --   

Because most people do NOT know HOW to be a (healthy, non-toxic) boss.  Most people abuse the power, get greedy, let their ego go wild, and just generally do NOT have the skills to handle people and support production.  

There's a knack of learning how to be in charge.  The boss must leave their troubles at home!  That is Business 101, but very few can do it. A wise astute United Airlines CEO once told me, 

"There are two roads in life; your personal life and your business life.  They should never intertwine."  

And you don't have to like a person to get along with them either. Some of the greatest teams hated each other:  Abbott and Costello, Lewis and Martin, and Fred and Ethel Mertz!

In my lifelong experience I have had many a 
horrible boss. It was all about their drama.

Also, at times, I have become vulnerable and confided in bosses (or teachers). Eventually, they used that personal information as ammunition against me.

Not nice.

I don't mind working with people, but I do not like 
working for them!