Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I could not contain my tears of joy today watching the Inauguration of President Obama. 

Like this pic of him taken in Hawaii over the holidays, he’s a natural man.
 Everyman.  As he takes office, a new world rises.  Here’s to a New You.

This President is a hugger [how refreshing!], goes shirtless, has rhythm, and is a writer. 

And to think I 'discovered' him in 2004 when he gave that rousing, dynamic speech at the DNC.  At least I felt like I did! Nobody I knew had ever heard of this man. Who WAS this beacon?!  I certainly took note.  He had my full attention, and still does. 

And to think two years ago I came 'this close' to an interview with him . . . However, I won't give up hope for an interview in the near future.  He wouldn't.


thelastnoel said...

When you interview this man, may I come as an assistant?

Dann said...

You bet!!

CathM said...

Looking forward to the interview (smile)!

Dann said...


From one Virgo to another, you KNOW it will come true!!!!

All the best....