Thursday, August 27, 2009


I’m proud to say that I am from the Kennedy era.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is forever etched in my memory. It is one of those incidents that happen during one’s lifetime, like 9/11 or the moon landing, that you know EXACTLY where you were and how you felt. I was glued to the TV from my living room in Grove City, Ohio, watching the funeral procession march down Pennsylvania Avenue. And there was John-John dressed in his ‘little man’ suit saluting his slain father.

I can recall when ALL magazines on the newsstands, including movie mags like Photoplay and Modern Screen before People magazine, if you can believe that! – were splashed with Jacqueline Kennedy’s elegant face.

I remember when Robert Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; I remember when Eunice Kennedy Shriver started the Special Olympics; I remember when John Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The Kennedy Dynasty has shadowed my entire life.

As a journalist, the closet I’ve come to interviewing a Kennedy clan has been Bobby Shriver, Eunice’s son; Maria’s brother. Bobby started the RED campaign with Bono.

I currently have an interview request in for Caroline Kennedy.

I admired Ted Kennedy’s positive attitude and his zest for life. In his last testament he stated he wanted a “Celebration of Life.” When I depart this earth, I request the same. I want nobody crying at my death. I lived a full, vivacious life – celebrate for me -- because I’m finally outta here and have peace!

It remains to be determined if anyone from the Kennedy camp will emerge and take over the torch. I hope so . . .

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Ken Summers said...

Indeed a sad time... I missed out on most Kennedy tragedies, but still. One decent politician gone...