Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Being an I Love Lucy fanatic, I went crazy when I knew I was going to interview Marion Strong....er....I mean the actress who played her --- Shirley Mitchell!
She was everything I had hoped and more. This character actress has performed in practically every trendsetting TV show in the 50s, 60, and 70s -- and at 90 years young, she is still auditioning. You go, Sister!

Kelly, Terry [our cameraman], and I spent a delightful afternoon with Shirley at her Westwood Los Angeles condo.

Yes, that is a REAL Oscar, bestowed on her late husband, Jay Livingston, who was the voice of Mister Ed and a songwriter. He won 3 Academy Awards; this one is for "Buttons and Bows." He also wrote "Que Sera Sera," "Mona Lisa," "Tammy," and "Silver Bells" to name a mere few.
You can catch Shirley on IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY [in 5 parts]:

Shirley is active in several charities including SHARE and Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
Read about it, and more of Shirley, in an upcoming article in A&U magazine


Anonymous said...

Hey, Danny, Sister Boy, You Are Great! Chris from M./By.

Mike said...

Hi Dann!

What a nice and lovely interview with Shirley! It was great to read, and also to see the photos. I'm amazed how fresh, slim and beautiful she still is!

I wish I was living in LA and work as a journalist doing these interviews with celebs.

I'm happy that you interview people that many have forgotten about, you're such a darling that do this favour for all of us who loves to read your interviews!

All the best from Stockholm, Sweden!

Love to meet you again, soon!


Mikael and Per