Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Interviewed THE BIG BANG THEORYs, Johnny Galecki yesterday at my pad.
In the several hours we were together, I felt like he was just 'one of the guys.' He's down to earth, intelligent, and had important things to say. I look forward to writing the article which will be published in the May issue of A&U magazine.

Thanks Sean Black [photographer for this interview/shoot] for b&w photo above

In the living room

On the roof

On the street

Thanks everyone!
L to R: Terry, Kelly, Johnny, Kevin, Robert
[Thanks, Sean, for taking pic!]


MonsieurChat said...

Oh! My friends and I are big fans of Johnny, just because he's so down to earth and seems like an amazing, intelligent guy. How amazing was he on "The View"? ...and he's still the same guy he was in interviews 15 years ago, protective of his life, his close friends and past girlfriends. Great guy!
...but I've been searching on the web for this may issue of A&U and I couldn't find it anywhere! Maybe I missed it on their websites?
Are you going to put this interview online?
thanks again, I read your blog every few weeks (when my sometimes uncooperative kid, let me...LOL)

Dann said...

Hi, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. For some reason your comment JUST came to me now -- OR -- knowing me, I am not tech-savvy! Anyhow, you should be able to read the Johnny coverstory at: -- if not, email me: Thanks for your continued interest! Cheers, Dann