Saturday, March 5, 2011


Topic: Publicists

Granted, like anything else in life, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Some are devil incarnate; others are angels from above. I've dealt with both. Some of the angels include: Dale Olson, Richard Hoffman, and Steve Sauer. I won't mention the others! Most of them fall in between.

1] I never understood the limited thinking of just pushing a celebrity and their product [ie., a film, a book, etc.] only when it is released. That makes no sense to me. You mean they aren't going to make any sales after the launch?! Ridiculous. That's when they'll need it more!

2] "'So and So' has nothing to push now. Let's wait till they do." I hear this constantly from publicists. Again, limited thinking. Okay, I understand the celebrity might be tired or whatever. I get it. So just say that. But publicity is publicity! No matter when! Waiting to do the interview to promote something, lessens their credibility. If the public sees they are willing to do the interview without anything in it for them, they draw more fans in arguably, especially in A&U magazine, a nonprofit, where our focus is HIV/AIDS.

[Thanks Chaelie for your input]

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