Friday, March 25, 2016


It's with a heavy heart that I report 
a mentor of mine has passed.


I not only learned from him, but when I did, 
he made it fun. 
He had a wicked infectious sense of humor and 
no one could tell a story like Mort!
He was a traveling buddy, a tremendous support, 
and a loving friend 

I can't even imagine a world without this 
"larger than life" man.

I Love You, Mortie

L to R:  Rhoda 
(his wife of over 60 years 
and my best girl), 
Mark, Mort, Dann

Mort died with dignity, strength, and acceptance.
In his last day, he was surrounded by friends and family, while classical music hummed in the background (he was an uber culture extraordnaire, especially opera and music).

While one of his grandsons was holding his hand and crying, Mort said, "Don't cry. Death is a part of life."

Mort's parting words, "I'm ready. Remember me."

~ as if any of us who knew him, could not.

May I have enough courage to transition like this!

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