Sunday, May 15, 2016


--  John Grant  --
is a captivating  singer, who resides in Iceland.
He stopped in Los Angeles on his national tour 
for a few nights to perform at the 
historic Ace Theatre located downtown.  

L to R: Ace Hotel exterior and  
Ace Theatre interior

Closer view of exterior

Had the opportunity to interview John in his 
dressing room before he went on stage

We were a bit early, so we waited for his arrival 
and had drinks at The Ace Hotel Restaurant

(Matthew, giving good puss, at our cozy corner table)

(Davidd and Dann)

Ace Theatre was built in 1927 by Mary Pickford, 
Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. 
It was originally named UNITED ARTIST'S THEATRE, 
the production company the three actors had founded.


The majestic interior of the Ace Theatre

Looking out from the stage

Lobby of Ace Theatre 

Lobby of the Ace Hotel 

Matthew was my associate during 
the interview and provided major support

After interview we sneaked into the theatre 
and was treated to a "private" concert by John, 
as he sang several songs for a sound check!
The guy has a commanding presence -- and 
has a "killer voice," Matthew commented

Walking out of the quiet theatre, we stumbled 
onto an old elevator not in use. Gothic and grand!

Thanks for an entertaining and 
educational afternoon, John!

Take a trip over to John's website:

Stay tuned for the July issue of A&U magazine 
as John will be our coverboy

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