Tuesday, August 1, 2017



Where do I begin? To tell a story....
Oh , shoot, no. That's the theme song
Nan would have gotten a chuckle out of this.
That's how she was. Easy. Flowing. Brilliant.
Kind. Loving. Witty. Fun.

Tim Funk wrote a moving obit:

Nan at my Europe send-off at Kirk's house
(we just met several months earlier)

This was Nan's first professional
photo shoot after surgery

She signed the back

We were popcorn freaks!
Often  she would come over
and we'd have a slumber party

Nan with Courtenay and 
Larry, my roomie

This was a photo shoot that I did with Nan.
For several hours she became my Marilyn Monroe

She was loving the attention.
She loved her new body!

"Hello Dann. Is that you?!"

Our Swedish friend, Roger
came for a visit and I 
had them play lovers for
a photo shoot!

(Yes, it was all set up!)

What a lovely orange . . . 

Nan with Ruby and Bert

 Oh, I'm so proud of my daughter, Ruby

Looking at photojournals with friends

I love my mum!

Nan and Larry munching on ..
what else?!   Popcorn!

Mother and daughter 

Get the hair "just right" Mum

Nan moving day. To Van Nuys,
with Dann's new beau

What you doing down there??!

Kirk Birthday party at my place 

Nan with Levy and Kirk
celebrating Midler's book

Memorial Day Picnic
at Will Rogers State Park
Nan and friend Arne Lein, a numerologist 

The bunch 

Nan and Kirk caught in a moment....

Celebrating my birthday
at a restaurant

Fred and Ginger

Another restaurant gathering 
with then current
beau, British Mikey

Nan with visiting Swedish friend, Leif,
and Courtney from San Diego

Nan moved to Phoenix
and mailed this pic 

She fell in love with a Shaman
(who later died)

After a Sedona trip,
we met Nan in Phoenix for lunch.
L to R:
Mortie, Rho, Nan, Rita
and me in center

My buddy

I recently wrote about Nan:

Wonderful, Marvelous Nan.
I miss you Girl.

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