Tuesday, November 21, 2017



It's hard to believe he has passed from this plane.

He was my first teenage crush ... 
and what a crush!

My god those sparkling teeth...
those lickable lips

those shapely tanned legs

that cute body

"The Partridge Family"

Shirley Jones (his stepmother) 
and David at an AIDS benefit


My favorite song of his:
(Oh that breathy voice....mmmm)

Kelly, Tim, and I met him at his
Las Vegas home in 1999
(Kelly had a crush on him, too, back when)

He signed this Rolling Stone cover spread
that I purchased in my childhood.
It's framed, hanging on my wall.

Signature up close

          At one point David took us to the backyard
to show us around his living quarters.  
When finished, 
we returned to the living room, 
which was on the second level.
We had to climb stairs to get there.
 First in line was Kelly, then David, then me.
David was eyeing Kelly's ass 
and I was eyeing David's ass. 
We were all in heaven!           

After the interview he invited us to 
be his guests at The Sahara that evening,
where he was portraying Bobby Darin
in The Rat Pack is Back
created by Cassidy

Photos below courtesy of Tim Courtney
taken at the A&U shoot

Our experience with David in this cover story:

He told us: 
"As I got bigger, my world got smaller . . . "

You'll always be a part of my life, David

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