Monday, July 14, 2008


You think you know Valerie Harper as Rhoda [Morgenstern, from her Emmy-award winning series] or Golda [Meir, from her award-winning one woman play]? Nope. Try again. She’s doing yet another stellar transformation and this time it’s Tallulah Bankhead. Valerie’s appearing in Matthew Lombardo’s brilliantly written play, LOOPED, currently in its debut at the Pasadena Playhouse. By the time the curtain
falls, the audience is eerily convinced they have spent a few hours with the Diva -- the woman who created the word, my gosh!

I attended the Saturday matinee performance and the audience shot to their feet when Valerie appeared for her curtain call. I understand that this has been normal fare at every show. It’s a 3-character play, though with all due respect to actor, Michael Karl Orenstein, the main grit is between Valerie and Chad Allen, who both compliment one other and create a moving story. In the second act, Chad’s character has some intense rollercoaster revelations and it’s fun to watch this actor stir up the audience’s emotions.

My friends and I went backstage to congratulate them. Thanks to Tony for playing photographer!

A couple years ago I interviewed both Valerie and Chad:

Thanks to Tim Courtney for the extra photographs.


Ken said...

I do miss a good performance. Perhaps it's time I became cultured again and started going to the theatre regularly again. I'll have to check this one out when it comes around... or when I find myself in California.

And is it just me or does Chad Allen improve with age? I never thought he was all that back on Dr. Quinn... but ever since he came out, he's been looking better and better.

Dann said...

Hey Ken -- Good to hear from you. Yes, DO see LOOPED when ya get chance -- whether in Ohio or California!

As for Chad, agreed, he does get better with age! That's what happens when one truly gets in touch with oneself . . .

David said...

Thank you for enjoying my blog. I'm not sure why you do. I see that you have really written--I mean besides on your blog. I am impressed by how many celebrities you have interviewed. I certainly don't qualify as a celebrity even though I do appear (both a quote and a picture) in The Advocate (August 12, 2008, page 12, the issue with Anderson Cooper on the front). I'm just a little old school teacher here in Kansas City.

Give me some idea why you would find my blog interesting . . . .

savante said...

Wow. Chad looks great - and amazingly tanned as well!