Sunday, August 3, 2008


One of my all-time-fave-folks who I interviewed, is the classy Anne Francis. You’ve seen her sexy puss, especially that signature beauty mark, through the years in many accomplished and memorable performances.

Some of Anne’s classic films are, Blackboard Jungle, So Young So Bad, Susan Slept Here, Bad Day at Black Rock, Funny Girl, and of course, what she is probably most remembered for, playing Altaira in Forbidden Planet. She’s been on countless TV programs, The Drew Carey Show, Without a Trace, Golden Girls [played a lesbian], Dr. Kildare, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and one of my all time faves, she played Marsha, a department store mannequin on a Twilight Zone episode called, "The After Hours." In the 60s, she had her own TV show, Honey West, playing a detective.

Anne is well into her 70s and looks amazing. Her spunk, charm, wit, friendly and outgoing personality along with her positive attitude keep her vibrant and energetic. The woman simply radiates!

I'm WILD about the girl!

To get a better feel for Anne, click on link to my article and also, visit her own fun website.

[The pics of Anne with the sunny mustard-colored jacket were taken at the interview.]


Nathan West said...
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Nathan West said...

Hey mate,

Thanks for dropping by my blog~
Interesting blog you got here~ its a good read~

keep posting ya~

Ken said...

I have to be a real renegade and say my favorite of all those films is Bad Day at Black Rock. Honestly, though, I'm not a crazed Spencer Tracy fan, but he happened to be in a lot of good movies!

Wonderful interview, by the way. You certainly do get around (and I do mean that in a good way)!

Dann said...

Thanks, Ken! Appreciate the feedback.

Paul said...

haha what a brilliant post! I love reading about how the experience turned out for the interviewer in these situations. It;s a fascinating read too. i'll be here much more often now :)

Check out my blog if you have time

Peter said...

I had such a crush on her as a kid... guess I still do! Thanks


David said...

Hey Dann,

Thanks for your visit. I have been reading your blog and I like it, it has something of a lonely-rider-reporter air.

Curiously, I don't remember watching any of this lovely lady's movies. However, I do remember her (how to forget someone that HOT?).

Regards :)

Anna M-W said...


Thanks so much for your visit and compliment.

Love your blog! I subscribed through Google Reader tonight!

I love how you got to meet Valerie Harper. She still looks so great!

Have a great weekend, my new blog friend!


keith said...

Nice blog!

Did the mole move from the right side of her face to the left side of her face over time??