Saturday, August 9, 2008


Met with Marilyn Borden, otherwise known as “Teensy” from I Love Lucy, yesterday afternoon while she was in town from her home in Modesto, California. [That’s my friend and business partner, Kelly, on the right.]

Marilyn lost her husband last year and of course her twin, Roz, died about 5 years ago. However, she’s got a great attitude and is certainly living life to the fullest. She recently cut a new CD called Side by Side, dedicated to her sis, Roz and in early September is performing. You go, Sister!

Several years ago, I contacted Marilyn and Roz [spoke to them both] to set up an interview and in the interim, sadly, Roz died. Links below to interview, wikipedia, and Marilyn’s website.
As you see in the pic, but may not be able to read, on Marilyn’s license plate frame it says: Tennessee Bound #112, Teensy and Weensy 4 Ever


Synnøve said...

Thanks for the comment ^_^
I like your blog too, it's really good =)
Have a nice day! =)

Anna M-W said...

Awww! She looks great!

Paul said...

i do like a broad with spunk! Britain sort of passed by the I LOve Lucy phenomenon but i still watch sporadically every time i'm stateside :)

thelastnoel said...

Wow, what a wonderful post. I hadn't thought about them in years!