Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure of spending the day with "the greatest playwright of the last century" [Time magazine].  I interviewed Athol Fugard at the The Fountain Theatre then  saw the matinee of the West Coast premiere of his newest play, Coming Home.   Fugard is probably best known for Master Harold .... and The Boys, which starred a young Matthew Broderick [it's currently being turned into another film] and the 2005 Academy Award winning, Tsotsi.  After the production of Coming Home there was a Q&A with Fugard, which was quite moving, as is the play itself.

Mark Bennington working his magic

In deep conversation with Fugard's "partner," Marianne McDonald

A group shot taken on the Coming Home stage.
L to R:  My associate, Jilly, art historian Ron 
Steen, Fugard, myself, and Marianne

Fugard will be the A&U August cover story

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