Monday, July 6, 2009


Last week while watching Larry King Live broadcast from Michael Jackson's Neverland, I reminisced about my trip there -- only to the gates!! -- two years ago.  My friend, Jimmy and I were on a get-a-way trip to Solvang and decided to tour the Sideways location shots.  As we lunched at one of the sites, The Los Olivos Cafe where Jack [Thomas Hayden Church] asks Miles [Paul Giamatti], "Did you drink and dial?," we decided to be more adventurous and find Neverland.  We asked a real estate agent for directions and learned that it was a mere five miles from The Los Olivos Cafe.  It was a stunning drive and what a tranquil region.  To say that this area of the Santa Ynez mountains is exquisitely beautiful is such an understatement.  

We hung out there for a half an hour and just fantasized what it was like inside, and what it would have been like to be a guest there. 
Oh, how I wished I could have interviewed Michael at Neverland!

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