Monday, September 8, 2008


......As it says in my astrological calendar.....

"Those born on the 4th of September love connecting with people. They are happy and often inspired people who constantly seek and need the stimuli of similar people."

Well, on Saturday night I got my fix when friends showed up at Marmalade Cafe at The Grove to help celebrate my birthday. It was nice to be surrounded by stimulating conversation and people who inspire me. I'm fortunate to have these exciting people in my life.

Linda Wang missed the group shot, took this once she returned!

[Below] The day before, my two best girlfriends, Kelly and Bettina, took me to lunch at Grand Lux Cafe.


Ken said...

Happy belated birthday!! Yes, I know... a day late and a dollar short! LOL *hug*

Dann said...

Thank you kind sir!