Monday, September 1, 2008


Last week, I spent some time with a real neat chick, Erin Hamilton. I interviewed her for an upcoming cover story for A&U magazine.

Several days earlier on Monday, 25th August, I attended a performance Erin gave at the Disney Concert Hall to help celebrate 30 years of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. She sang John Lennon’s, Imagine. When I read in the program she was singing this, I got tense. I mean who else can truly sing this song but John Lennon?!

Well, Erin proved me wrong. She made the song her own. After she sang her last note, the audience leapt to their feet including her mother, Carol Burnett, who was sitting not far from us. Then Erin sang one of her hits, One World, written by her and Scott Anderson. What pipes this child has!

[photo by Bill Dow]

My friend, Terry, joined in and even shot Erin with his newly launched Gaydar Gun.
Check it out!

Renee Jacobs, Right, shot the photography. The pic above was taken at the wrap.

What a treat to put together this interview and turn it into my next story.

Thanks, Erin!


Olpicture said...

thanks for your comment. looking forward for more great stuff from your blog too...

Meg Harper said...

Thanks for your comment! Have to say yours is a lot more jolly and fun than a lot of blogs I've looked at! Go for it!

Dann said...

Hey, thanks, Meg and Picture.