Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In the process of interviewing the author, Nam Le. His book, THE BOAT, released in May of this year, has garnered some impressive reviews. Look for the interview in an upcoming issue of A&U magazine, probably the December issue.

A warm person and a talented fellow.


CathM said...

WOW...'The Boat' looks like it'll be a fab read! I might just have to get a copy. Again, I've really enjoyed poppin' around your blog. Very informative and creative. Cheers! Cath xxx

Peter Wallace said...

I enjoyed this book very much... looking forward to your interview!

beruk-kunyuk said...

thanx so much for ur visiting
ur hope soon
coz I'm so busy now
I try to finish my thesis
need so much time and attention
btw i'v add u as my fren
thanx once again