Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On Sunday, I interviewed Apolo in Salt Lake City, where he’s currently in-training. The guy is everything you’d imagine …. and more. Wiser-than-his-years, this athlete is gracious, friendly, and witty. Spending the late morning with him, not only did I put Apolo through intense questioning, but photographer, Renee Jacobs posed him in exquisite, sometimes strenuous positions. Apolo was a trouper and a real sport! The close-up and the b&w shot are taken by Renee. http://www.reneejacobs.com/ Can't wait to see the rest, Renee!

The other pics are of Renee and I enjoying Salt Lake City. An added treat, which we didn’t discover until there, was Gay Pride Weekend. Now back home in Los Angeles, I am looking forward to writing the Apolo cover story.


Susie said...

Dann, I think that I can speak on behalf of Apolo's fans when I say that you've made us really, really, really happy today! :D Be a doll and let us know the name of your magazine, and most importantly, how we can get our hands on a copy of same when it becomes available.

Kudos to you!

Dann said...

Thanks, Susie. It will be the August cover story of A&U magazine. www.AUmag.org

scarlett said...

OMG, I can't wait to read your interview. I loved your interview with Bobby Shriver and know that Apolo is just as gracious. After meeting & talking to him this past April, I'm convinced this AMAZING man is truly one of a kind. He's so comfortable with his fans and makes you feel the same - unbelievably down to earth. I'm with Susie - REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HAPPY!

Dann, can we purchase several copies of the magazine from the AU website? I would like to give some as gifts for those who might not have access to them.

Thanks again - so glad you got that interview! (the pictures are INCREDIBLE also! - would love to have heard the conversation to get him in that shower... :D )

Dann said...

Hey, thanks, Scarlett for the compliments! To order copies of A&U, contact the offices in Albany, NY:
1.888.245.4333 or email:

All the best, Dann

precious said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks so much for the blog on our Apolo. I too met Apolo in April and was so very happy that he is as true as he seems to be. He honestly makes you feel right at home, doesn't he?

I can't wait to get a copy of the magazine. Thanks for posting where we can get our hands on one.

Those pictures are amazing! Especially the close-up of his face. I visited the photographer's page and found quite a few that I really enjoyed looking at. Of course, not as much as Apolo's...tee hee!

Thank you so very much for interviewing our "WORLD CHAMPION" and putting it here for us to see. Karma to you if I could give you some.

So V E R Y Excited about reading the interview in detail!

Dann said...

Sorry, the correct number for A&U magazine is:

ATwistedThought said...

Dann,Thank You for stopping by my blog the other day and posting a comment.I would not have found yours otherwise.I have watched Apolo for some time as a performer and admired him from afar.It is great to read that he is a nice person as well as a super performer.Not all notables are nice as we all know.I will be popping from time to time.

Kandar Ag. said...

Hi, Dann...
I've just read your comment on my blog. I feel surprised that a journalist visited my simple blog. Thank you very much, Dann!
Then I come here to do the same thing you did.
It seems that you made many people commenting here feel happy! Wow, what a blessing!

So, take care and I hope you have a marvelous time!


Kandar Ag. said...

Thanks Dann, for visiting my blog about wallpapers. You're so kind. (``,)

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia - a country wherein Bali is. I was born in Jogjakarta. Jakarta and Jogjakarta are in Java island, west direction from Bali. I hope you are familiar with the cities, especially with Bali.

Aaaah... I'm glad to know you stopping by again on my blog!

Be blessed, Dann!

Elamar said...

Hi Dann,

Can you please tell me where I can purchase a copy of the August edition of A&U Magazine? I sent my scription weeks ago, to no avail.

Your pictures of Apolo are breathtaking . . . at best!!! He is an amazing young man, and the United States of America is blessed to have him as one of our representatives.

Thank you.

Dann said...

Emma - Stay tuned. In a couple days I can give you the full details how and where to purchase the Apolo issue. Thanks for your interest and patience!

Dann said...

Emma - Stay tuned. In a couple days I can give you the full details how and where to purchase the Apolo issue. Thanks for your interest and patience!

A. said...

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