Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What to do on my first entry? Immediately my thoughts spin toward Sedona, where I visited a couple weeks ago. I've been quite a few times to this village, but every time I'm there I can't get enough of its magic and the 'ooo's and ahh's' of its spectacular scenery. Whether you believe in the whole new-ageie thing or not, one can't deny the dynamic energy Sedona possesses. Those red rocks are majestic and overpowering, yet peaceful.

I must return to putting the finishing touches on the June cover story which is my interview with
Jay Bakker. Yes, Tammy Faye's son. Jay is a controversial figure in the Christian community and a welcoming breath of fresh air for those of us who are, as Woody Allen says, "I'm agnostic, just in case." [Location of pic Airport Mesa]

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Mr. C said...

Jay & Revolution are a big part of why I am beginning to recognize and start dealing with my life-long anger & pain issues with Religion. I saw his Sundance Channel show ("One Punk Under God") after I started hanging around the Revolution online Community boards.

I'm sure you had a great conversation with him & that you came to see what so many of us in the GLBTQI community are beginning to see...that we are NOT immune to God's love after all.

I even bought one of Jay's t-shirts that contains one of Jay's sayings, "Religion Kills". I get such wonderfully odd looks when people read those words & see a drawing of a hand grenade beside them.

For me, in my short but tragic affair with Religion, I know first-hand how Religion is used as a weapon against the infidels & others who don't fit into the mold of their pre-conceived notions.

Jay & Revolution came along & helped me to understand that just because "THEY" say it doesn't make it so.

I'm still coming to terms with my Christian-phobia & learning that--in order to get on with my life & in order to forgive myself for being complicit in my own excommunication, I must forgive those who don't even think they need forgiveness. It's the way forgiveness works...sometimes it's meant for the giver of the forgiveness as much as for the forgiven.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Jay Bakker. He changes the lives of so many people that he never even meets or ever knows about...and I am one of them.