Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A huge control freak like me [I get better with time!] really hates not knowing what is coming. Case in point, I am waiting on final confirmations for several interviews. Being that these celebs are out of town creates, obviously, more work, ie., flights, hotel, car, etc. One interview is with Apolo Ohno. I've suggested Sunday, 1st June. Hope to hear soon. Another one is with Kim Cattrall in New York and Mario Lopez, also in New York. Hopefully, these will take place in June.

Meanwhile I continue my daily duties with A&U and pester a national magazine who hasn't paid me for an interview I did in November 2006. YES! I don't know how these freelance writers survive. It takes SO MUCH ENERGY and WASTED TIME to hound these publishers who don't pay on time. It makes my ass REAL weary.

While I work, I like to have a familiar albeit homey atmosphere, so right now in the background I have on I LOVE LUCY, my fave sitcom of all time. Like I mentioned above, I'm a control freak, but I'm also a Lucy Freak!

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