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Here's Some Of What 

I've Discovered On 

My Adventure In Aging:

Change usually brings complications, which as I get older, I don't want to deal with.  I'd rather put up with something that bothers me that change to a new way of doing it.   (Now I understand you, Grandma Dulin!)  And this Hi Tech stuff...FORGET IT.  

I always wondered why most older people just keeping talking and talking -- sometimes interesting, sometimes really boring.  I find as I grow older I DO talk more and what to tell others about my life and what I am going through.   It's not pretty, but hey, there it is.   

I find that I cannot plan on too many things because on the day of the date, I MAY not FEEL up to doing such.

I find that I am agitated more by the so-called simple problems of life, ie., the toothpaste doesn't come out properly; I can't fit precisely into the legs of my long pants.  I now have to sit down and thread my hand through the pant leg (so my toes don't get caught) and finally put my leg into the pants!  What a hassle.

I am more impatient and don't put up with other people's stupidly or shit.  

I have a lower opinion of people as I grow toward a 100 years old.  I think I used to put most people on a pedestal.  I don't do that anymore.  I find more and more a high percentage of people are really just morons.

I don't understand the attraction to the younger gen's singers:  Beyonce, Adele, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Arianna Grande, Miley Cycrus, Billie Ellish, etc.  OMIGOSH...and even Taylor Swift.  What is the attraction??  I do NOT get it.  None of these singers do ANYTHING for me.  Give me Janis Ian, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, etc.  Even CHER!!!!

I don't want to RUSH anymore.  Allow me to take it SLOW -- with anything.   What's the hurry Murray?!

Many long time friends have petered out and that is disappointing. People just seem to CHANGE as they grow older  -- hormones, metabolism, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, physicalities, etc.  One went from a Jew to a Jesus Freak -- WHAAAT????!   Another just began "ghosting" -- which seems VERY common nowadays.  And some just turn DUMB.   It's sort of weird and Twilight-Zone-ish. be honest, I have changed to.  And I think with growing-older-changes comes, well, change.  And sometimes that is parting ways with old time friends.  It's okay. 

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May he NOT rest in peace.

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Did you ever wanna drill your coach?

Well, in this episode entitled,
--  "Drilling The Coach"  --
Danny gets the chance to do just that.
Oh, boy, will you learn a lot!


Friday, February 16, 2024


 How STUPID can one man be? 

MY GAWD . . . 

Total Moron.  
It'd be funny if he weren't so DANGEROUS


 The ASSHOLE could slice someone's neck on camera, and ......

he would never admit he did it!

The man's a WORM  -- 

(well, there's many adjectives to

 describe this BOOB)

But in the end, he WILL get caught 

and brought down to size.  

Justice and Karma will prevail and 

bite him in that 

Big Fat Ass of his!