Tuesday, November 19, 2019



Anyone who says it is . . . .is a liar.
Being gay and old is unthinkable.

It can be isolating, lonely, and depressive.
Younger guys ask if you're are "generous." 
You never know if they want you or your money.

It's a crushed state to be in.

Sad that our society does not look upon elders in a respectful way.
There must be a better way to support us elders.

Maybe I need to start a seminar:

I never thought turing a certain age would be this way.
When you're younger, you never think about it.
But then, time fleets by and guess what?  You become your parents, you become your grandparents.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

"OLD SCHOOL" -- Thank you!

Call me old-fashioned, 
call me old school -- no worries.
I'd rather be stress-free and safe.

Early on I tried all the social media: My Space, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, practically all of them. (But nearly every month MORE crop up; who can keep up with it?!)  I find it all ridiculous and laughable. Most of it is narcissistic, ego-driven, "look at me," behavior.  Like everything in life, social media (SM) comes with a negative and a positive. For SM, it definitely can be advantageous for those who have behavioral issues like Agoraphobia or those who are housebound due to a terminal disease. Also, it's a great business networking tool. (There are many other positives as well.) 

The downside is that whatever you put online, it's there forever, and can be lifted or used against you.  Hackers are a-plenty.  Today I heard that two former Twitter employees were caught who were providing high-security information to the Saudi's. Then you have WikiLeaks and all that crap. It's happening more and more. The Internet is not safe.

Another beef I have about SM is that many sites will not let me post what I want.  I have spoken numerous times about this issue here on this blog.  I'm sorry, but I have an issue with authority.  I don't like people telling me what I can and cannot do.  Especially, for example, when I see tons of dicks, pussy's, ass, and buttholes on FB, and they reprimand me for showing my naked body, NOT exposing any genitalia -- or even pubes!  They demanded I delete it. Over the years, I have been in FB Jail many times (which means they take you off the grid for a month, or less, or more.) HYPOCRITES.

I don't like to be censored. If you don't enjoy what I write or display, don't look!

Then you have the time element.  OMG, it takes me a lot of time to do social media.  Ya know . . . .  I'm just not interested. Give me a good book to read instead.  Thank you very much!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019




Tuesday, October 29, 2019



Why does this issue have to be so complicated?
Can't we all mix and mingle and live together?

America was built by immigrants and 
became a trendsetter, 
leading to a melting pot nation.

It may be idealistic , but I don't see any reason why anyone can't live anywhere they want to live!

Too many walls and not enough bridges . . . . 

Learning to live together . . . . . 

Saturday, October 26, 2019


As a reporter, I often get asked the usual question:
"Who was the best and who was the worst?"

My usual reply was:
At the moment I am face to face with 
the notable, I fall in love

Well, as the years roll on, I can now be more truthful.

My favorite person of all time was:
Chris Van Etten

A close runner up:
Valerie Harper

The worst was:
And there's no other way to say it:  She's was a cunt!
(Hint: she has three names and is nearing 70)

A close runner up:
A husband and wife, in their late thirties, 
who are known to TV audiences


No matter how you look at it, Death is a loss.
Loss numbs the heart.
As one ages, Death becomes all too much a friend.
Not one day goes by that I do not think of Death.

Death comes in many forms. 
Death of:   friends, family, pets, car, house, job, marriage, skin, plants, toenails, time, hair, relationships, an old apartment, a TV series that ended, life, an old neighborhood, of a product you used for years that they no longer make, and the list goes on

Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable.
The only constant thing in life is change.

Death is all around. Death is life. Life is Death.

Talking about Death lessens the pain for me. 
One day I will die.  Thank heaven. 

I'm thankful for death, as life becomes weary. It all gets to be too much.  Too much.  I envy those that have the courage to commit suicide when they feel they're TRULY ready.

Death. Will be here. For all of us.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Life is a cruel gift. 
It's met with hassles, obstacles, tragedy, disappointment, depression, and sadness.

Here's a few things I've learned along the way to cope:

1)  Never EVER let your professional and 
personal life intertwine

2)   Delete your ego; It will only get you into trouble

3)  Change your thoughts, change how you feel

4)  Be patient with yourself

5)  Forget the past, forget the future, stay in the now

6)  Stay clear of social media

7)  Hug often 

8) Always maintain your child within, but don't 
remincise much

9)  Never compare yourself to others -- EVER!

10)  Fight for what you believe in

11)  See aging as an adventure!

12) Rid the word "failure" from your vocabulary

13)  Fuck fear!  Take the risk!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Trump is neither moral nor a leader. He divides instead of unites and should concentrate on the problems of this country rather than spread ugly rumors about former National Leaders. President Clinton, thru his foundation, fights against World Hunger, AIDS, and injustice in the world. Trump's foundation on the other hand, has been used as the family's personal bank account and the foundation cannot hope to achieve the successes of the Foundations of former Presidents. Trump is a bully and needs to concentrate on the great problems facing the US and should shut his big filthy mouth! THE MAN IS A DISGRACE. ERASE HIM FROM HISTORY -- before it's too late for America.

Saturday, August 3, 2019


I promised NAKED, so here goes!

Me in Hawaii many years ago.
(This was removed by FB several years ago.
Stick it FB!)