Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay, I hate when these magazines morph together male and female actors that produce another actor which is supposed to be their offspring. For example, Bette Midler + Al Pacino = Sarah Jessica Parker.

[Pic above is Leonard & pic below is Gael]

[Upper pic is Leonard & side pic is Gael]

Having said that, I recently watched Zeffirelli’s 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet, and I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the actor, Leonard Whiting, who played Romeo, and the actor, Gael Garcia Bernal. Father and Son? Brothers? Even their hot little asses are alike!

[Leonard's ass on left; Gael's ass on right]

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Attended a screening of CHRIS & DON: A LOVE STORY, a stunning documentary about the lives and loves of partners, Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. It is now playing in New York, will open in Los Angeles the 4th of July and around the country during the summer. CHRIS & DON is informative, witty, intriguing, sentimental, and entertaining. It took Guido Santi and Tina Mascara, the filmmakers, ten years to create this extraordinary film. They are to be congratulated.

The film interests me probably because I have met the pair, interviewed Don [see several posts below], and can relate to Chris, the writer. I can also relate to Don, more so, and in several ways. One being that I was as star struck as he was when I was a kid – still am! Like Don, when I was a teen, I loved going backstage and getting my picture taken with the stars. In another way, I understand Don’s attraction of having an older gentleman take an interest in you and provide mentorship and life experience. Though unlike Don, I had several gentlemen, but not a solid love as Don and Chris had.

It might be time to call on Don again for another interview ……

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Another loved comic died over the weekend – Dody Goodman, who hailed from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Known for her wit, wackiness, and wild voice, she was probably best known for appearing in TVs Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and, of course, the films Grease and Grease 2. It wasn’t two weeks ago that I was asking some friends, Whatever happened to Dody Goodman? Sadly, now I know.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I loved George Carlin!
Delightfully irreverent, George Carlin, who was the first host of Saturday Night Live, poked fun at everybody and everything. The comic told it like it was and we need more like him around. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to interview him. I will miss his humor and truth . . .

Thursday, June 19, 2008


After watching the 1961 autobiographical film, Bridge To The Sun on TCM tonight, I recall what an impact this tender, war torn, well-acted film [the incomparable Carroll Baker and James Shigeta] made on me as a preteen when I first watched it on NBCs Saturday Night at the Movies. I was inspired to buy the book, and eventually I wrote to its author, Gwen Terasaki, who graciously replied with a wonderful note. Subconsciously, I think the film planted a seed that later would blossom into my yearn to travel and a profound interest in not only the Asian community, but a zest for learning about other cultures, as well.

I just called Amoeba in Hollywood and, drats, it’s not on DVD yet. . . .

Monday, June 16, 2008


Over the weekend I learned that a documentary about writer, Christopher Isherwood and his life partner, artist, Don Bachardy is being released on DVD after being shown last year at several film festivals. Theirs is truly a fascinating story and I look forward to watching this movie.

In the late 70s, my friend, Kirk and I met Chris at one of those UCLA weekly gay gatherings where Chris spoke. We chatted with him afterward and he invited us to lunch the following week. We went and as we entered their home, Don was in swimming trunks heading to the beach. Chris introduced us and Don dashed out. The pic above in b&w was probably taken around this time. I remember Don had long, shaggy hair and a moustache. My memory is a bit cloudy on the details of the lunch but Kirk and I had a lovely time with this lovely man. I could kick myself now because at the time, I really didn’t know the importance of this man and I didn’t even have my always-present camera!

In the early 90s, I contacted Don and he agreed to be interviewed for my book, STRAIGHT OUT, at his Santa Monica canyon home that he shared with Christopher [who died in 1986] for many years. He was then living with his partner, Tim Hilton. Due to my inexperience of being a writer and interviewer, I failed to get a release form signed by Don at the time. Weeks later when I called and asked him to sign, he said he would only after he read the article. I agreed and he called me afterward. He kept me on the phone for over an hour changing, correcting, rearranging the piece. It was laborious. Some was helpful, most was picayunish. Boy, did I learn my lesson! From there on, I had the interviewees sign BEFORE the interview.

Last year I met up again with Don when he attended Davidd Batalon’s gallery opening [see pic below of Don standing between Davidd and I]. We hugged and chatted briefly. He seemed quite feeble, though his trademark Tallulah Bankhead-British accent was still there. I don’t think he remembered me. [ Davidd Batalon's website: ]

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Only if I can stand next to Kevin Santos! He plays Paul in the touring company of CHORUS LINE and Ruby will be getting her paws all over him when they sit down to an interview very soon. They certainly have a commonality. Ya know, Ruby used to take dance classes when she was a mere kid in Columbus, Ohio….
[photo by Paul Kolnik]

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I still cannot get enough of those Golden Girls. Three of them were out on the town last week attending the TV Land Awards, and the other gal, Sophia [Estelle Getty], wasn’t there as she has retired from the biz. Yep, these girls still have it!

Sometimes an ensemble cast hit synchronicity and it shoots over the stars to become a legend in the land of television. Think Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Love Lucy, even Will & Grace [which I didn’t like].

I interviewed Bea, gee, about 10 years ago and it was a hoot. I will never forget her or the time I spent with her…..

On the trail now to land an interview with Rue and Betty. In fact, have been for many years! Hopefully their schedules will permit this time ‘round. Rue? Betty?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On Sunday, I interviewed Apolo in Salt Lake City, where he’s currently in-training. The guy is everything you’d imagine …. and more. Wiser-than-his-years, this athlete is gracious, friendly, and witty. Spending the late morning with him, not only did I put Apolo through intense questioning, but photographer, Renee Jacobs posed him in exquisite, sometimes strenuous positions. Apolo was a trouper and a real sport! The close-up and the b&w shot are taken by Renee. Can't wait to see the rest, Renee!

The other pics are of Renee and I enjoying Salt Lake City. An added treat, which we didn’t discover until there, was Gay Pride Weekend. Now back home in Los Angeles, I am looking forward to writing the Apolo cover story.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sherri Beachfront invited me to be apart of her HERE! podcast, so today she swung by and we had a delightful time recording the interview. It will be up on her website in about a month. Being that I am usually the interviewer, it was a bit strange to have someone ask ME the questions! Sherri made it so easy though. She's a pro and I'm glad we know one another. She has a fascinating story to tell, which she is currently penning. Listen to more of Sherri's podcasts:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sent copy in today for the Jay Bakker June cover story. This is one hell of a guy who has a heart and carries his mom’s [Tammy Faye] passion and compassion for people. I like this man! His website:

Had an inspiring conversation with Broadway actor, Jose Llana, this afternoon which I will turn into an article for Ruby’s Rap. He’s active in several AIDS organizations including Broadway Cares and he's also involved in the Asian community, as well. He used to be an AIDS educator and the epidemic affected him at a very early age. He related a poignant story to me that I will share in the article. The man exudes pride! His website:


Several days ago I attended a performance of A CHORUS LINE which is playing downtown at the Music Center’s Ahmanson Theatre. As far as I could tell, there were no changes or updates in the show. The producers, thankfully, have left the classic Michael Bennett jewel in its original state. Certainly, the younger kids are not going to know who Gwen Verdon or Troy Donahue are [they are referenced in the musical], but alas, they will be greatly entertained and significantly touched.

Last night, I spoke to my nephew, Brian, who lives in Ohio, and he said he stayed away from seeing A CHORUS LINE because he thought the show was a typical ‘42nd Street Busby Berkeley’ kind of musical extravaganza. NO! NO! NO!

I saw the original Broadway production of A CHORUS LINE on New Year’s Eve 1975, a few months after it opened. I was mesmerized. Afterwards, my friend wasn’t feeling well so he went home. I stood in Times Square and rang in the New Year amidst the freezing wind. I was sick for three months with bronchitis!