Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I could not contain my tears of joy today watching the Inauguration of President Obama. 

Like this pic of him taken in Hawaii over the holidays, he’s a natural man.
 Everyman.  As he takes office, a new world rises.  Here’s to a New You.

This President is a hugger [how refreshing!], goes shirtless, has rhythm, and is a writer. 

And to think I 'discovered' him in 2004 when he gave that rousing, dynamic speech at the DNC.  At least I felt like I did! Nobody I knew had ever heard of this man. Who WAS this beacon?!  I certainly took note.  He had my full attention, and still does. 

And to think two years ago I came 'this close' to an interview with him . . . However, I won't give up hope for an interview in the near future.  He wouldn't.

Friday, January 9, 2009



I so want to interview Seth MacFarlane. What a creative mind.  Unfortunately, I just learned about Family Guy last year, but I’m seriously catching up by watching reruns now.  For me, the laughs are nonstop.  The show is so F**ckin' Funny. In fact, in the theme song, doesn’t Stewie sing, “F’n cry” meaning Fuckin’ Cry?! 

On Monday, I ship off an interview request to Seth.

I'm sure he'll have a lot to say.....

What a clever guy.