Friday, August 29, 2008


President and First Lady Obama is our new America.

What a masterpiece speech Barack gave tonight at the DNC in Denver. At different times, he brought a lump in my throat and chills down my spine. Summary: Tax cuts, higher salaries for teachers, affordable healthcare, protect social security, equal pay, remove troops out of Iraq, gay rights, gun control, and no foreign oil --- AMEN!

Barack advises individual and mutual responsibility and that we all walk together for change.
Yes We Can.

Obama brings to mind the soul and the fortitude of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. I am ecstatic to see in my lifetime an African American President.
Yes We Can.

Thank heaven, help is on the way!

Monday, August 25, 2008


After my cover story on Apolo was distributed at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City a few weeks ago, a new batch had to be printed. The latest copies are ready!

If you can’t find it at your local bookstore or magazine rack, call the A&U Offices in upstate New York: 518.426.9010 or

It should soon be up on both my website and A&Us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


CONGRATS to Constantina Tomescu-Dita for winning the gold medal in the women’s marathon yesterday and she’s [only] 38 years old. YES! It was an electrifying and exhilarating race . I watched with panting breath and racing heart cheering for Constantina.

I am inspired by the core strength of these Olympic athletes. All creative energy stems and flows through the core, whether physical or mental, whether running or writing.
Watching them perform in Beijing brings memories of when I traveled there in the summer of 2005. I remember seeing the Birds Nest under construction. I also recall the hundreds of commuting bicyclists on the streets, walking through the entire Titanic-size Forbidden City, and attending the first international annual AIZHI Conference in Beijing. The theme was human rights and Davidd and I were guests of Dr. Wan Yanhai, founder of AIZHI, an AIDS organization. I also interviewed Wan while Davidd shot the photography. See link below for article.

Also did an interview with actor, Carl Ng.
[See link below.]

Davidd and I spent several weeks in Beijing and a month traveling around China. It was a life-changing adventure I will never forget. Highlights throughout the entire journey include: the Great Wall and the Empress' Summer Palace in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, a 4 night cruise down the Yangtze (Yellow) River, the awesome futuristic architecture of Shanghai, the surreal beauty of the mountainscapes in Guilin, the bustling splendor of Hong Kong from both the Island and Peninsula, and of course, reveling in some of the best bargain(ing) prices to be had on clothes and merchandise in each city!

We met up with Janine and Jesus on a tour of The Great Wall and then paled around Beijing together. Here we are at the Summer Palace. Both have now become friends.

The Yangtze River


Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
A grand view from our room at The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Met with Marilyn Borden, otherwise known as “Teensy” from I Love Lucy, yesterday afternoon while she was in town from her home in Modesto, California. [That’s my friend and business partner, Kelly, on the right.]

Marilyn lost her husband last year and of course her twin, Roz, died about 5 years ago. However, she’s got a great attitude and is certainly living life to the fullest. She recently cut a new CD called Side by Side, dedicated to her sis, Roz and in early September is performing. You go, Sister!

Several years ago, I contacted Marilyn and Roz [spoke to them both] to set up an interview and in the interim, sadly, Roz died. Links below to interview, wikipedia, and Marilyn’s website.
As you see in the pic, but may not be able to read, on Marilyn’s license plate frame it says: Tennessee Bound #112, Teensy and Weensy 4 Ever

Sunday, August 3, 2008


One of my all-time-fave-folks who I interviewed, is the classy Anne Francis. You’ve seen her sexy puss, especially that signature beauty mark, through the years in many accomplished and memorable performances.

Some of Anne’s classic films are, Blackboard Jungle, So Young So Bad, Susan Slept Here, Bad Day at Black Rock, Funny Girl, and of course, what she is probably most remembered for, playing Altaira in Forbidden Planet. She’s been on countless TV programs, The Drew Carey Show, Without a Trace, Golden Girls [played a lesbian], Dr. Kildare, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and one of my all time faves, she played Marsha, a department store mannequin on a Twilight Zone episode called, "The After Hours." In the 60s, she had her own TV show, Honey West, playing a detective.

Anne is well into her 70s and looks amazing. Her spunk, charm, wit, friendly and outgoing personality along with her positive attitude keep her vibrant and energetic. The woman simply radiates!

I'm WILD about the girl!

To get a better feel for Anne, click on link to my article and also, visit her own fun website.

[The pics of Anne with the sunny mustard-colored jacket were taken at the interview.]