Saturday, May 9, 2020


Most people CRINGE when you say the word "Boss."  

-- Why? --   

Because most people do NOT know HOW to be a (healthy, non-toxic) boss.  Most people abuse the power, get greedy, let their ego go wild, and just generally do NOT have the skills to handle people and support production.  

There's a knack of learning how to be in charge.  The boss must leave their troubles at home!  That is Business 101, but very few can do it. A wise astute United Airlines CEO once told me, 

"There are two roads in life; your personal life and your business life.  They should never intertwine."  

And you don't have to like a person to get along with them either. Some of the greatest teams hated each other:  Abbott and Costello, Lewis and Martin, and Fred and Ethel Mertz!

In my lifelong experience I have had many a 
horrible boss. It was all about their drama.

Also, at times, I have become vulnerable and confided in bosses (or teachers). Eventually, they used that personal information as ammunition against me.

Not nice.

I don't mind working with people, but I do not like 
working for them!