Friday, July 22, 2022


 It's time for this Old Fart to speak.

Thank heaven I did not grow up in this revolutionized era of the Internet.  Like everything in life, the computer provides both negative and positive encounters.  

The negativity for me is how it has increased the desire for most everyone yearning to be a Star.  This ego-driven activity of showing all sides of oneself definitely does not leave anything to the imagination -- "We must keep up with the Joneses!"  It can be obsessive, cruel, and it's certainly shallow.  

For me, it horrifically slams me right back into high school, where I'm playing that silly teenager game of who's the most popular.  (During my formative years, I never felt accepted by my peers and was cast into being bullied.)  

I look at some of these pics on Instagram, FaceBook, Grindr -- practically anywhere on the Internet -- and even at my spry young age, I feel inadequate and inferior.  I am not enough, I think.  I wonder how many others feel this way -- and maybe have even committed suicide.  (I hope not.)

It seems some of us want to show what we had for breakfast, what we wore while shopping at the mall, how the gym has enlarged our muscles, and so on.  For me, I don't really care about your world.  Yes, we are a society of exhibitionists and voyeurs, which can be fine, as long as there's balance.  The Internet has provided a platform for us all to speak our mind.  You can treat it in a negative or positive way! 

It's the "Me Generation" once again; self absorbed, with a dollop of vanity.  How will all this play out?!  Will all this lead to some of us turning into monsters....?