Monday, April 25, 2016


My tits have hit ground floor with these sites!
What one considers art, someone else considers porn.
I like seeing NAKED bodies  ~  period.
FB and Pinterest do not allow this, though I've seen 
PLENTY on those sites, on other's posts.

Pinterest just deleted the below pic.  I'M TIRED of these sites telling me what I can and cannot upload!  Anyone know of an 

Friday, April 22, 2016


From my Dear friend Tawatha in San Francisco:

I was walking in the Castro last Sunday and had to take pictures of this old-school SF display in the window of a private residence on the corner of Castro & 19th
 St.  Thank God some of this old SF spirit still survives!  As we were taking pictures, a small tour bus pulled up; apparently this display is so iconic that it’s included in the visitor tours. I knew you would LOVE this!  Enjoy.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


What a talent!
This character actor will be missed.

In December 2003, I spent a lovely afternoon with her,
along with the late charming legendary publicist 
Dale Olsen and my dear friend Chris,
 who died of AIDS several years after this photograph was taken.

Read the story here:

Dale and Dann

 Chris, Doris, and Dann

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


                      ~  HILLARY CLINTON

Monday, April 18, 2016


Pinterest just deleted another picture 
off my page (see below)  
just don't understand their policy! 
I appreciate the naked body.
Oh well, obviously this blog is farther evolved
than most sites on the Internet. They've 
never approached me about nudity.  
Get over it Pinterest!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LESSON LEARNED (yet once again)

My rule:  Never, ever, let the subject (interviewee) see a draft of your story.

Several times in my career, this has happened and most of the time it can be disastrous, adding more work, headache, and time.  Let me explain.

Case in point. This just happened with a heterosexual couple I interviewed who are both actors. I will explain later why it’s necessary to use the term “heterosexual.”

When I interviewed the couple at their home, they presented themselves as open and free ~ or at least this is how I perceived them. A week later I was approached by their publicist who explained that they were not offended by some of my questions, but had some doubts as to “what” kind of story I was writing. They asked to see a copy. My managing editor submitted it.

I learned long ago not to do this as it jeopardizes the integrity of the writer and can result in the “sanitization” of the piece. This happened back in the early 90s when I was writing my gay role model book, STRAIGHT OUT. I interviewed Don Bachardy and he asked to read the piece. This rookie journalist acquiesced. Don returned 5 pages of meticulous edits!

Oftentimes, the interviewee will say things during an interview that they later regret or ponder why they even said such and such. This is normal for anyone.  My gift is that I possess an air of trust and am easy to talk with.  The couple revealed things that they only wanted to stay in the living room but . . . I am a journalist.

During the interview with the acting couple, I asked: “What celebrity would you like to have wild animal sex with?”  They squirmed, paused, then decided not to answer. That’s fine. It was an inappropriate question for them. I’m not used to interviewing straight couples, or any couples, for that matter.  I commonly pose this question to men – gay or straight – and there’s never an issue.

After the couple saw the early draft of the story, they handed back their edits ~ with the zealous help, I’m sure, of their publicist. Arguably, some edits were appropriate. But they overstepped their bounds, changing adverbs and adjectives which described my impressions of them. They wanted to present themselves in the light THEY saw themselves, not the writer.  The piece was compromised. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


I'm so tired of these websites that won't allow nudity 
-- or -- 
"pornographic" (a matter of opinion) pics!


I'm talking about FaceBook and Pinterest, for example.   

This was the pic Pinterest recently 
deleted from my stash:

Why are so many people offended by 
the human body?
I'll answer: It's their own insecurity.
Americans need to adopt the European attitude, 
which is more relaxed and 
seeing a naked body as a beautiful thing!