Tuesday, June 19, 2018


The current state of affairs is tragic,
all due to this dictator.
The moron is ruining our Nation.
What a damn shame.

Monday, June 11, 2018


Of course there's a generation gap.  
Why wouldn't there be?! 
Especially in 2018 when technology has advanced so fast 
in the past 30 years and has gone why beyond our small intellects to grasp.

I was raised in a much different world than the kids in the digital age today.  I am classified as an "OF" -- an Old Fart. I am proud of that title. I earned it. 

Having said that, my experiences and journey are obvious much different than of those say, 40 and younger.  

For example, I thoroughly enjoyed these 3 recent films. I asked several twenty-somethings here in Los Angeles, and all of them said they did not like any of the movies!  After I gasped and restrained my surprise, a bit, I asked them.  

The main theme of all the movies is about struggle.  They did not have to go through the challenges of freedom that I had to put up with in my youth, including the AIDS crisis.  They couldn't relate. 

Irritated with them?  Mad at them?  No, though a bit disappointed, as I would like for them to revel in the joy that watching these films brought me.  

More though, I am very happy that people of my generation have paved an easier road for today's generation.