Monday, January 22, 2018


Over sixty years since its inception,
it is shown the world over, reigning
 as the best sitcom ever!

With a genius of an ensemble cast and 
wondrous scripts with thick plots, 
twists and turns, and continual frivolity 
and laughter, the sitcom has proven time
and time again its sustaining strength.

No matter how many times I have watched
a particular episode, it holds my attention completely,
providing total escapism, belly laughs, and 
satisfies my appetite for sheer entertainment. 

Like Desi Arnaz once said:
"I Love Lucy was never just a title."
I love Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel -- 
and even little Ricky and Mrs. Trumbull.

Thank you for years of joy.

No show yesterday or today compares
with this Top Rate series

Thank you Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, 
Vivian Vance, and William Frawley

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