Saturday, October 26, 2019


No matter how you look at it, Death is a loss.
Loss numbs the heart.
As one ages, Death becomes all too much a friend.
Not one day goes by that I do not think of Death.

Death comes in many forms. 
Death of:   friends, family, pets, car, house, job, marriage, skin, plants, toenails, time, hair, relationships, an old apartment, a TV series that ended, life, an old neighborhood, of a product you used for years that they no longer make, and the list goes on

Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable.
The only constant thing in life is change.

Death is all around. Death is life. Life is Death.

Talking about Death lessens the pain for me. 
One day I will die.  Thank heaven. 

I'm thankful for death, as life becomes weary. It all gets to be too much.  Too much.  I envy those that have the courage to commit suicide when they feel they're TRULY ready.

Death. Will be here. For all of us.

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