Saturday, December 30, 2023




That I got to experience ONE GREAT FEELING BEYOND BELIEF in my life, thanks to my first crush, Kirk Pemperton.  

It was closing night of MAN OF LA MANCHA at Ohio State University and a rap party ws being held at the director's campus home. At the end of the evening, Kirk slowly came on to me. (My fiance, Debby, had left earlier due to working early the next day.)   I was nervous as hell when he approached me in his suave sexy way.  

I felt I was swirling above the ground and was being swept off to the heavens, with my beautiful armored knight on his white horse.  Pure. Bliss.

My infatuation with Kirk lasted for about 2 years but never culminated into being in love.  It wasn't love. 

I thank him for this opportunity of happiness, education, and elation!

This post was inspired by a scene
from the new brilliant Australian film:


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