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My Adventure In Aging:

Change usually brings complications, which as I get older, I don't want to deal with.  I'd rather put up with something that bothers me that change to a new way of doing it.   (Now I understand you, Grandma Dulin!)  And this Hi Tech stuff...FORGET IT.  

I always wondered why most older people just keeping talking and talking -- sometimes interesting, sometimes really boring.  I find as I grow older I DO talk more and what to tell others about my life and what I am going through.   It's not pretty, but hey, there it is.   

I find that I cannot plan on too many things because on the day of the date, I MAY not FEEL up to doing such.

I find that I am agitated more by the so-called simple problems of life, ie., the toothpaste doesn't come out properly; I can't fit precisely into the legs of my long pants.  I now have to sit down and thread my hand through the pant leg (so my toes don't get caught) and finally put my leg into the pants!  What a hassle.

I am more impatient and don't put up with other people's stupidly or shit.  

I have a lower opinion of people as I grow toward a 100 years old.  I think I used to put most people on a pedestal.  I don't do that anymore.  I find more and more a high percentage of people are really just morons.

I don't understand the attraction to the younger gen's singers:  Beyonce, Adele, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Arianna Grande, Miley Cycrus, Billie Ellish, etc.  OMIGOSH...and even Taylor Swift.  What is the attraction??  I do NOT get it.  None of these singers do ANYTHING for me.  Give me Janis Ian, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, etc.  Even CHER!!!!

I don't want to RUSH anymore.  Allow me to take it SLOW -- with anything.   What's the hurry Murray?!

Many long time friends have petered out and that is disappointing. People just seem to CHANGE as they grow older  -- hormones, metabolism, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, physicalities, etc.  One went from a Jew to a Jesus Freak -- WHAAAT????!   Another just began "ghosting" -- which seems VERY common nowadays.  And some just turn DUMB.   It's sort of weird and Twilight-Zone-ish. be honest, I have changed to.  And I think with growing-older-changes comes, well, change.  And sometimes that is parting ways with old time friends.  It's okay. 

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