Sunday, June 2, 2024




I could never figure out why people want to have babies.  Why would you want to bring someone into this hideous world of poverty, homelessness, wars, hurt, disappointment, suffering, pain, depression, and so on??

I don't get it.   My gawd!

We have enough children in the world.  ADOPT THEM!  We have TOO MANY unwanted kids and TOO MANY people roaming this earth. 

As my heterosexual girlfriend, who just turned 90 recently, has said,
"Having a child is a very selfish act."  I find it egotistical and hedonistic.  ...and kids will NOT make your marriage better!  What folklore THAT IS.   

Since I brought THAT up:  Why does anyone want to get married??  What's the point?  It's expensive and if it ends in divorce, which is a good chance it will, it's HIGHLY expensive.  STOP IT!  Have a ceremony, but why do you need a marriage license??   It's all society bullshit myth.  They hype it up because it all stems from wanting to make more money.  As we know, money is the root of it all!


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